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Friday, May 15 /
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The key goal of a Bachelor's degree is preparation for 21st century careers. The requirement for this is not information, it is formation. All of the information you need, on any topic, you can find in 2 minutes. A good 21st century teacher is not primarily giving you information, he/she is helping to form you to understand the information you have access to. The essential skills developed in a Bachelor's degree are analyzing, critiquing, and asking useful questions.

The structure of any Bachelor's degree includes broad foundations as well as specific skills. The broad foundations are missing from a short degree. It prepares, not just for the first job after you finish, but for the next and the next... Statistically, you will change jobs from 8 to 10 times in your career. Many of those jobs don't exist today. No one can prepare you for them now, but we can prepare you to prepare yourself.

Our Bachelor's programs have a proven record of moving people, not just into a first job, but into a satisfying career.

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